#Op It’s time

Blink Hacker Group hits again!

During late October 2015, the “Thai” group F5 Cyber Army announced a campaign against the Thai’s Internet Single Gateway. Leaked documents suggested the Single Gateway project has been a priority and pushed by the highest levels of the army.

Leaked document about the execution of the Thai Single Gateway
Leaked document about the execution of the Thai Single Gateway

The cyberattacks campaign #OpSingleGateway that included denial of services is endorsed by “Anonymous” to protest against Thailand’s ruling military government and their proposed gateway for all international Internet traffic coming into the country.

The 24th of December 2015, just when these events were talking place, the Thai court handed two Myanmar men death penalty for the British tourist murders in Koh Tao in September 2015. The reaction of the Myanmar public opinion was immediate in social media accusing the Thai authorities of a fit-up.

The hashtag #FuckoffThai is used at the beginning to later evolve into #OpThai #OpThailand were several groups joined including Myanmar Hackers Uniteam, Blink Hacker Group, Black Hat Area, Zone-404, Myanmar Noob Hackers, Myanmar Hacker Warriors, Code Breakers, Gray Hat Teenagers, Myanmar Cyber Pirates and Myanmar Electronic Army

The 30th of December 2015, a manual written by Gtone in 2012 (Distributed Denial of Service(Gtone).pdf) in how to conduct denial of service attacks reappears.

A series of defacements and attacks against hundreds of Thai sites started and the Blink Hacker Group that has been in stealth mode for a while reappears with a series of defacements the 4th of January 2016 (Myanmar’s indepedence day).

The 5th of January 2015, the Thai police announces that they were investigating Blink Hacker Group and active members of the group start to delete their profiles and their self incriminatory messages in Facebook.

Thai Police announces investigation against BHG
Thai Police announces investigation against BHG

The very same day Yan Naing Myint (Cyberwings.asia) jiggles with Thet Way Phyo (Gtone) about the reappearance of Blink Hacker Group.

As the international media starts to follow up on Thai intentions to track Blink Hacker Group, the members start to get nervous and try to cover their tracks. Thet Way Phyo (Gtone) disables his Facebook account for one week and DEA D-Fox/Aung Min Khant/Liqud Fox sends a Alert Message to the group asking for “Anonymity Mode”. Hours later, Yan Naing Myint removes his message to Gtone.

The 7th of January 2015, the website bhg-myanmar.org that hosted a large collection of Blink Hacker Group defacements is disabled. The website’s domain name is changed to a new Domain Name Server (ns/ns2.bhgmm.com), a domain registered just two months in the Chinese registrar ename.com.

Thet Wai Phyo stating he is not member of BHG
Thet Wai Phyo stating he is not member of BHG

The 12th of January, Thet Wai Phyo activates his account to later leave a message stating that he is not member of Blink Hacker Group but is just informing the community that the Thai Police is going after their members.
The 13th of January, Myat Thu releases a public statement in pastebin.com in the name of Blink Hacker Group justifying the #OpThailand and including 1 GB database stolen from the Thai Court.

The 28th of January, Blink Hacker Group uses the Anonymous Myanmar Hacker account (https://www.facebook.com/Anonymous.Myanmar.Hacker) to announce the release another database, this time from the Thai Correction Centers.