#Op It’s time


Until 2012, Blink Hacker Group and other hacker groups were not driven by politics. Using key political events in 2012 and 2013, the hacker underground organizations have been carefully driven by intruders towards political targets including the local Myanmar media.

Actors like “G-tone” have paid an instrumental role to organize and encourage such attacks.

Key people from Blink Hacker Group and Myanmar Hacker Unite4m not only enjoy the support of the local IT Security Community including Myanmar Post and Telecommunications (MPT) but also their underground activities are known in Closed Groups in social media.

From April 2015, all hacking activities against local media are connected to the new group “Union of Hacktivists”. The Union of Hacktivists is an undercover organization operating from military premises that has adopted the aesthetics of other hacker groups active in Myanmar to run operations to undermine the work of online media in the country.

It is time for the wide IT Security community in Myanmar to stand against these groups and their lack of ethics. Opposite to their believe, young hackers in Myanmar are driven by intelligence organizations to deface and hack websites. It is time for a new generation of true hacktivists to emerge that will drive Myanmar to a true open Internet where different opinions can co-exist.day