Who is Blink Hacker Group?

Cyber Wings
Cyber Wings

During the past years, we have been absorbed by understanding how the “Blink Hacker Group” turned from an informal group of computer security enthusiasts to a politically driven organization obsessed with defacing local Myanmar media.

During the past five years, the “Blink Hacker Group” could be found on Facebook, the domain blinkhackergroup.org and bhg-myanmar.org hosted at Blogger.

The organization is closely connected to the IT consultancy company www.cyberwings.asia

Cyberwings is run by Yan Naing Myint (February 8, 1989) aka Orca-Krilozona, an active open source enthusiast, OWASP Myanmar member and organizer of cyber security trainings and events like the recent Myanmar Cyber Conference (mmcybcon.org). Phone +959 7999 50510 (09799950510) [email protected]

The Cyberwings.asia’s chairman is Win Naing, father of Yan Naing Myint and IT Director of Focus Energy Ltd, an Indian energy company working with gas explorations in Myanmar.

Win Naing is an active member of the “Anti-Rohingya” Closed Facebook Group and a well connected person with the Myanmar administration. Win Naing, studied IT Security in Nanyang Polytechnic in 2000-2001. Win Naing is also known as the leader of the Myanmar Aero Hobbyists Association (MAHA). No surprise that the IT company of his son is named “Cyber Wings”.

Other active members of the Cyberwings.asia consultancy company include Phyo Min, Htet Wai Yan Soe aka John Reginald and ToeKhaing Oo. ToeKhaing Oo aka H1N1 or princess.yuk1  is an active member of the “#Op Rohingya”.

Yan Naing Myint and Phyo Min.
Yan Naing Myint and Phyo Min.
Htet Wai Yan (John Reginald) and ToeKhaing Oo (Moe T@in).
Htet Wai Yan (John Reginald) and ToeKhaing Oo (Moe [email protected]).








During a live interview to Blink Hacker Group the 7th of February 2016, Yan Naing Myint openly stated that he bought the domain bhg-myanmar.org as a sign of respect to the blink hacker group.