How visible are these hacking groups?

Facebook posting by Thet Aung Min Latt
Facebook posting by Thet Aung Min Latt

Key members of the “Myanmar Hackers Unite4m” have benefited from the support from Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) to compete in Cyber security tournaments. MPT was the Diamond Sponsor for Myanmar local Cyber SEA Games competition that send a delegation to Indonesia to compete.

But… how public are their hacking activities in official events?.

Some members of the hacking groups are well known in the IT security scene and rather than operating fully underground they seem to interact without fear with other security experts.

An example of such interaction was visible in social media when Thet Aung Min Latt, the Director of risk management company Diamond Intelligence Co., Ltd and also member of the Myanmar Oil & Gas Services Society (MOGSS) Central Executive Committee seemed not to have any problems to talk publicly about these hacker groups.

Thet Aung Min Latt is a national expert in security that during 2005-2007 was active in the hacking scene with the name of Ricky Latt (aka ygnboyz gmail com). Thet gave a presentation in the area of Web Security in the DevCon Myanmar conference

In  Facebook’s posting in May 2013, Thet was very outspoken about bringing members of the Blink Hacker Group to the Myanmar IT Sec. Despite our interest to know better the reason of his posting in social media,  Thet has refused to provide any clarifications.