Questions Day 2

  • Yesterday, the domain names associated to and were pointing to other sites? How is that possible?

As soon as we saw the domain redirection, we knew that it was not a technical error. We verified that the tampering was taking place directly by the domain name servers at, and it was not an active injection in the network. We also received reports that members of Blink Hacker Group were postingĀ  the content of the redirection on Facebook and celebrating.

In Myanmar, all websites are forced to use local DNS servers when operating under the .mm (TLD of Myanmar) domain.

  • What kind of attacks has the Unleashed site received?

Soon after the release of the material on the website, we could monitor several attempts to find vulnerabilities on this website. Automatic scans were performed using tools from the Kali Linux Distribution, a known distribution that bundles security tools. Attackers have used both IP addresses from inside Myanmar and VPN services, such as Cyber Ghost VPN.