Questions Day 3

  • Have the authorities of Thailand or Myanmar reached out for clarifications after the release of the report?

No, we have not received any inquiry from any governmental authorities to refute any of our statements. Since we released the report, only journalists and IT security researchers have reached out to learn more about our research methodology and information sources.

One of persons mentioned in this report contacted us to ensure that it was clear in our findings that he was not directly involved in any cyber attack.

  • The first public statements on the online media talk about lack of evidence? Want to comment on that?

As far as we know, only a few of the people mentioned in the report have agreed to give interviews so far. Those who did, have already stated that they did provide technical support to the hacking groups in one form of another, but have denied to be “hackers”.   There are several websites on the Internet that specialize in collecting mirror copies of defacements. We have been studying these mirror sites for three years now, and many defacements show their nick names.

Regarding providing stronger evidence of military involvement, we are discussing internally what is the best way to release the further information if needed.

  • Have you received any attacks after the release of the report?

Within less than 24h after the release of the report, the domain name and were hijacked. The main sites using those domains were redirected, and a new site entry in the DNS zone was created: Since yesterday, we are in contact with the company in Myanmar that runs the domain name registration (registrar), Myanmar Technology Gateway (MTG), so they can help us to clarify how the redirection took place.

We have also received a report that “Anonymous Myanmar Hacker” Facebook group was one of the first sources to announce the DNS redirection. This group is normally used by members that support the Blink Hacker Group to make their announcements.

A few of the sites that we are monitoring have received vulnerability scannings. Friday night was surprisingly quiet. Something that we are not used to for years.